JAQUET DROZ & Glashütte Original Reopen Japan Boutique

JAQUET DROZ & Glashütte Original Reopen Japan Boutique

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Luxury watch brand Jaquet Droz and Glashütte Original have unveiled their newly renovated shared boutique at the heart of Ginza, Japan’s iconic luxury shopping area pwt. Marc Aellen, Vice President and Head of International Sales at Jaquet Droz, and Christophe Savioz, President and Chief Representative of Swatch Group Japan, cut the red ribbon at the opening ceremony 샤크라 다운로드.


A large number of Japanese mainstream fashion media editors and professional watch journalists gathered at the opening press event on November 10, joined by Jaquet Droz’s VIP guests invited on November 11th 캐드 파워 다운로드. The brand brought in an enamel artist from its Ateliers d’Art to give an exclusive demonstration of the impossibly delicate craft of miniature painting on a dial, allowing guests to see Jaquet Droz’s passion for master watchmaking and time-old watch culture, a legacy that has continued for over three centuries 포켓몬스터 하트골드 드라스틱 다운로드.

The Nicolas G. Hayek Center is located at the heart of Ginza, Japan’s iconic luxury shopping area. Tradition meets innovation in this high temple of Fine Watchmaking Warner One. Standing apart from neighboring structures thanks to a striking plant wall that descends from the roof down to street level, the building features elements of ecology, art, and luxury and is home to the Swatch Group and boutiques for Breguet, Blancpain, Glashütte Original & Jaquet Droz, Omega, Longines, Swatch, and an after-sales center that spans three floors 스타벅스 다운로드. Hydraulic elevators carry customers directly from the ground floor to the respective showrooms of each brand. Customers can complete the whole process, from choosing and buying watches to watch maintenance and repair all in one building 오페라 영상 다운로드.

The 60 m2 boutique seamlessly links the two brand worlds: on the left in the new boutique Jaquet Droz welcomes its guests in designer style with a pared-down palette of black, grey and silver, while Glashütte Original on the right presents a tasteful blend of ebony oak and beige enamel surfaces in a refined, well-lit setting Ied it. Both brands use an elegant and minimalist style to create an atmosphere that is comfortable and welcoming.

On the occasion of this reopening, to celebrate the brand’s future in Japan, Grande Seconde Quantième Meteorite makes its world premiere in the boutique 칸타테 도미노 다운로드. A delight for watch enthusiasts, this exclusive new collection of meteorite models applies the extreme precision of the art of watchmaking to the mysteries of the universe and its infinite possibilities Soccer Spirits.