HYT Novelty : the H4 Neo

HYT Novelty : the H4 Neo

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Innovation within tradition, the DNA of haute horlogerie, the movement heritage, and so on: forget it all. Need a known quantity to hang on to? Good news: the H4 Neo tells the time Kara Step.

The H4 Neo is a piece equipped with a light source 조용필 간양록 다운로드. Under the dome at 6 o’clock, HYT has concealed two purple LEDs. Once activated, they flood the entire dial with light. At night, the fluorescent colored fluid and the transparent composite dial loaded with fluorescent nano particles are energized by this light source, becoming supremely striking Download Caesar3. At the same time, the wash of light flows into every nook and cranny of the mechanisms, literally bringing this skeleton architecture to life, and defying the laws of watchmaking vm player.

No battery, no electronics are needed for this process, which is fully mechanical. Three factors made it so tricky to develop: the extreme miniaturization, the curved shape, and the fact, once again, that no development of this type had ever been achieved before ConAir download.


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