HUBLOT Design Prize 2017 Awarded

HUBLOT Design Prize 2017 Awarded

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The third edition of the Hublot Design Prize 2017 was won by  Carolien Niebling. She received a cheque for CHF 100,000 from Hublot CEO, Ricardo Guadalupe for her masterful work as well as her playful and original approach.

Niebling’s sophisticated and extremely comprehensive research took the form of a two-pronged scientific and technical approach that led to a book titled ‘The Future Sausage’, one of this year’s finest publications.

The jury also honoured the work of Jessi Reaves with a special CHF 25,000 prize.

Hublot Design Award rewards design in the Hublot spirit, that seeks designers with an innovative way of thinking and creating; an anti-conformist and pioneering form of expression, the desire to constantly push boundaries, and go beyond what already exists.