HUBLOT & Depeche Mode launch “watch for water”

HUBLOT & Depeche Mode launch “watch for water”

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Hublot has created the limited edition watch to celebrate the band Depeche Mode’s new album Spirit and their upcoming Global Spirit Tour. The sale of the watch will raise funds for “charity: water”, a non-profit organization whose mission is to bring clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries.

Big Bang Unico Depeche Mode

Hublot and Depeche Mode have been partners since 2010 and have supported “charity: water” on three other occasions since 2013. During this period, the funds raised by Hublot and Depeche Mode have given life to 229 projects in Nepal and Ethiopia, with 220 standpipes and 19 wells drilled and dug by hand that now bring safe, clean water to over 30,000 men, women and children.

For this new campaign, Hublot and Depeche Mode have set the goal to beat this previous achievement and bring clean water to 50,000 people around the world. “I am very excited to continue our partnership with Hublot and “charity: water”. For many years I have been an enthusiastic supporter of “charity: water” and I am delighted that with Hublot we can continue to support their mission of providing clean and safe drinking water for all,” said Martin Gore of Depeche Mode.

It is estimated that 663 million people (or 1 in 10 people) in the world lack access to safe drinking water. This lack of safe water spreads disease, compromises safety, makes education elusive, and impedes the economic empowerment of citizens of developing nations. It is what is standing between billions of people and their health, safety, and the opportunity to unlock their true potential.

” Partnering with Depeche Mode to support “charity: water” was an obvious choice – the clear starting point. Four years on, our action has translated into visible, measurable and quantifiable results. The launch of this new watch in collaboration with Depeche Mode signals our continued commitment to charity: water, with the aim of bringing the gifts of water and life to even more of our planet’s population, “ said Ricardo Guadalupe, Hublot’s CEO.

The new Big Bang Depeche Mode Watch has been carved in a 45mm ceramic knurled case engraved with thousands of pyramids extending to the push-buttons, the crown and the indices. The watch is adorned with a perfect, smooth leather strap to which a detachable studded cuff can be added to extend the rock-star look right down to the wrist. With 250 pieces available, the Big Bang Unico Depeche Mode bears the name of Depeche Mode’s Global Spirit tour and the emblematic “charity: water” jerrycan symbol on the sapphire crystal, which reveals the HUB1242 movement.

Scott Harrison, founder of “charity: water” added: “Bringing 663 million people clean water is no small task and it is because of people like Hublot & Depeche Mode who believe that water changes everything that we are able to continue to do this impactful work.”