HUBLOT Classic Fusion Berluti Scritto Platinum

HUBLOT Classic Fusion Berluti Scritto Platinum

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Combining a rare metal with exceptional leather, Hublot offers a platinum setting for its Classic Fusion Berluti Scritto model. More pure, more dense and more precious than gold, platinum was considered by Louis XIV as the only metal fit for a king Photoshop. This bespoke piece fuses the famous shoemaker Berluti’s heritage with the Hublot Manufacture’s mastery of metals and materials.

Berluti’s Venezia Scritto leather, with exclusive tanning—resulting from Olga Berluti’s inventiveness— dresses the strap and the dial of the Classic Fusion Berluti Scritto Platinum 텔레그램 파일 자동 다운로드. Thanks to a complex and delicate process developed in collaboration with Berluti, the leather’s organic elements have been neutralised to preserve all the living beauty of this natural hide, now rendered inalterable within the waterproof case of a Hublot watch Download 120 of Yoon Myung-jo.

From its modelling to its shaping, its cut and its assembling, each and every piece of the strap and the dial have been created using the same mineral and vegetable tanning rituals as Berluti shoes 로건 자막 다운로드. The Calfskin, in shades of brown Tobacco, has been engraved with writings inspired by 18th-century calligraphy. The exceptional piece features a case and bezel in precious platinum and a crown in white gold bearing the Hublot logo Uniqlo Screensaver download. A combination of expertise and attention to detail has achieved symmetry of perfect nuances between the leather of the dial and the strap. A challenge and a symbol of excellence the Classic Fusion Berluti Scritto Platinum unites the destiny of the two houses 트레인스포팅 다운로드.

With the 100 pieces in their Classic Fusion Berluti Scritto Platinum limited edition, the Berluti House and the Hublot Manufacture are taming the passage of time by encapsulating a mythical leather—Venezia Scritto—in a Classic Fusion case 신데렐라 스토리 다운로드.