Get handcuffed!

Get handcuffed!

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With big and bold being the fashion mantra this season, chunky cuffs are in. The broader the cuff, the higher the style quotient, writes Surekha Kadapa-Bose

Ansaa by Anand Shah

Well, under usual circumstances no one likes to be handcuffed. But when the cuffs are designed by jewellery designers of repute and talent, and the world fashion forecasters say that cuff is going to be the accessory to make the right statement this season, then I guess no one will mind being ‘handcuffed’.

Says Mumbai designer Farah Khan, “Cuffs are an essential part of the whole attire. It uplifts the look of the wearer mainly when it is of a big size and helps in making a style statement. A unique chunky cuff stands out in a crowd.’’

Though they are wrist adornments, they are much broader, more than one and- a-half inches in breadth. The broader they are, the higher the Generally, because of their width, cuffs are worn as standalone pieces, with only one on each wrist. But then there are some who prefer to wear two of high end cuffs on each wrist! It can be a display of style and grace. Even Jackie Kennedy, an epitome of elegance and grace, teamed cuffs with bustier dresses. In fact, in the 1960s it was she who made Van Cleef & Arpel’s hammered gold cuffs famous by wearing them almost at every event that she attended.

It is said that Coco Chanel, French fashionista and the founder of brand Chanel, rarely left the house without her cuff bracelet. Her favourite was an enamel cuff decorated with a gold Maltese cross illuminated with cabochons of precious stones.

Inaaya by Deepa Mehra

Back home, most Bollywood actors like Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Deepika Padukone flaunt one of those beautiful cuffs when they walk the red carpet at Cannes or Oscar but prefer to go jingling with dozens of thin bangles when they attend any function back home.

A’Star Jewellery

Priyanshu Shah, executive director of A’Star Jewellery, Mumbai says, “This season ‘big and bold’ is the fashion mantra. The preference is to sport an eye catching statement piece rather than the entire jewellery ensemble. Cuffs are in.”

A’Star Jewellery

Continuing, he adds, “Though cuffs as a rule are big in size, the final design will decide if the piece would look elegant or flamboyant. An elegant interlaced design would definitely look better on a fine boned wrist.’’

The universality of cuffs can be gauged by the fact that leather-look cuffs by Versace, Nicholas King and Chanel cuff, wood-carved bangles by Belmacz and bang-on-trend coloured lizard skin cuffs by Kara Ross have become hot accessories this season.

Malkish by Nazim

Sulish Verma of the Delhi-based Vikas Chain & Jewellery opines, “Trends are changing from time to time with more of international designs coming in. Women should opt for statement jewellery pieces rather than padding oneself up with loads of it, mainly because one standalone piece makes an impact. A cuff not only helps in brightening your ensemble but makes you feel comfortable in your attire.’’

Farah, who considers cuffs as statement pieces, says, “Cuffs are common for both smaller and bigger built women. A cuff looks best on a slim forearm and anyone who has confidence and an attitude can carry it off well. A unique cuff is a statement maker.”

Cuffs make for a flexible accessory that can be worn with anything and everything. Talking about the trends in cuffs, Shah says, “There is a lot of interplay with materials and technique; stacked designs in multi-toned gold or in hammered gold finish, handcrafted cuffs in open geometric designs with unusual texture in dull gold and rose finish, intertwined diamond studded strands, and big and bold polka designs accentuated with coloured stones are the craze.”


Known for her designs in diamond jewellery, Farah elaborates, “Chunky bold statement pieces that make an impact are the newest trend in cuffs. Broad cuffs either in gold or strong bands with pearls are very much in vogue.’’

So if you want to power dress and don’t mind being ‘handcuffed’ go ahead and flaunt it. The wider the cuff, the trendier you will be!





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