Five Exceptional SIHH Watches

Five Exceptional SIHH Watches

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Hiren Kumar Bose brings to you the five outstanding timepieces from the 28th Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie   


VacheronWith its new mechanical self-winding movement, Vacheron Constantin Caliber 5100 DT, the 41mm watch enables simultaneous reading of the two time zones by means of coaxial hands. The hour’s hand indicates the local time zone corresponding to the traveller’s current location, while the hand tipped with a triangular arrow shows the time in a reference time zone. This 12-hour display, adjustable via the crown in both directions, is complemented by a day/night indication set to home time, as well as a pointer-type date display synchronised with local time. This 234- component movement, oscillating at a frequency of 4 Hz and endowed with a comfortable 60- hour power reserve thanks to its twin barrel.

VAN CLEF & ARPELS Lady Arpels™ Planétarium

Van Clef and ArpelsWith the Lady Arpels™ Planétarium, the magic of the universe comes to life in a precious setting, encapsulated on a women’s wrist. This timepiece illustrates the Sun and the closest planets: Mercury, Venus and finally Earth, along with its natural satellite, the Moon. Each heavenly body moves at its actual speed, orbiting the dial in 88 days for Mercury, 224 days for Venus and 365 days for Earth. In a key innovation for this piece, the Moon itself rotates around the Earth in 29.5 days, performing a visible celestial ballet on the dial, day after day.

Piaget Altiplano Ultimate Automatic

Piaget At a mere 4.30 mm thick, the world’s slimmest self-winding watch the Altiplano Ultimate Automatic expresses boldness and a constant quest for infinite slenderness, as well as for the elegance and refinement prized by Piaget. It sets the crowning touch to 60 years of virtuosity in the field of ultra-thin horology. Engaged in an iconic dialogue, movement and case form an indivisible whole, featuring tolerances that have been pushed to their limits and setting a new record.


CartierThe reintroduction of this model, originally debuted in 1904, has a sleeker case design than the last avatar of the watch and comes affixed to an innovative new bracelet. It boasts a quick-change system that allows owners to swap in leather bracelets within seconds, as well as a “SmartLink” system that detaches links at a push of a button, allowing for easy bracelet resizing and alleviating a notoriously frustrating process. The Santos comes in four variations: all-steel, two-tone (steel and yellow gold), pink-gold or yellow-gold. And, it’s available in two sizes: medium (35.1mm wide) and large (39.8mm wide). One of our favourite pieces was the medium variant in stainless steel.

MONTBLANC 1858 Geosphere

montblanc_geo_01 This 42mm timepiece features a brand-new manufacture world time complication powered by the calibre MB 29.25, developed by the Montblanc engineers in Villeret is dedicated to the world’s Seven Summit mountaineering challenge, recognized as the most difficult mountaineering quest worldwide and only 500 athletes have achieved the mission to date.  This timepiece features a world time complication with two turning domed hemisphere globes, which make a full rotation in 24 hours. The northern hemisphere at 12 o’clock turns anti-clockwise, while the southern hemisphere turns clockwise. They are both surrounded by a scale with the 24 time zones, along with a day/night indication in contrasting colours. The longitude reference meridian for both hemispheres is highlighted with a white line coated with SuperLumiNova®. Additionally, a second time zone display is located at nine o’clock and a date (linked to the local time) is indicated in an aperture at three o’clock. With this new world time display of the two hemispheres, the Montblanc 1858 Geosphere brings a new instinctive way of appreciating different time zones.


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