FAVRE-LEUBA Unveils Sky Chief Date

FAVRE-LEUBA Unveils Sky Chief Date

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Fabre Leuba unveiled its latest, Sky Chief Date, amidst an elite audience who were hosted at the Indian Accent restaurant in Delhi.

The evening unfolded the unique relationship that time and cooking share with each other and while showcasing this, also unveiled the sense of adventure especially in an urban landscape latest songs.

The food menu curated by Chef Manish Mehrotra, Corporate Chef, Indian Accent, took inspiration from Favre Leuba’s spirit of exploration across different landscapes naver TV cast. The courses that followed included a tribute to all natures elements that push us to new journeys in the great outdoors – across forests, oceans, deserts and snow 빅위시 다운로드.

Speaking on the collaboration, Vijesh Rajan, Head of Favre-Leuba expressed, “We are elated to collaborate with Chef Manish Mehrotra and India’s first qualified French Sommelier, Magandeep Singh, to bring the legacy of our brand to life via this unique culinary adventure endless os. It is a truly unique and innovative way to launch our latest timepiece in India – the Sky Chief. This timepiece masters the formula of minimalistic to perfection Free for StarCraft 2. With its inspiration seeded in our brands glorious past, this year we start a new chapter for this iconic timepiece with a comfortable dial size.”

Mehrotra added, “When cooking, even a few seconds make a huge difference 점박이 한반도의 공룡2 다운로드. When I started wearing my Favre-Leuba Chief watch, I felt that there is something real on my wrist. It is stylish and it is high quality, and I know it is made with so much history and so much research Genie Music. It is very cool that one of the best watch companies in the world is based in India and Switzerland, and I am wearing one on my wrist.”