Farewell Mr.Hayek

Farewell Mr.Hayek

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A legend, a visionary, a reformist, the late Nicholas G 스타벅스 다운로드. hayek was all this and much more. He was single -bandedly responsible for the revival of  Swiss watchmaking and the Breguet Renaissance… Presenting a bomage to Hayek

Organisation is just communication 오페라 영상 다운로드. Nothing else. The most important thing in an organisation is flow of information . Companies that are perfectly organised, but have no flow of information, are dead already…

(Baselworld 2005)


I am completely convinced that all of us are creative Ied it. We’re born creative. As a five-year-old, you believe in princesses and castles.It is the society. the school and all such things that kill the creativity  in us. We don’t dare to dream anymore when we become older; we’re busy doing other things. An entrepreneur can be successful only  if he keeps the fantasy of his childhood alive!

The words ‘pretty satisfied’ are not Nicholas Hayek. I’m never satisfied. I always want more….

(In his office at Biel, Switzerland, 2006)

In his office at the Swatch HQ at Biel in 2006, which is cluttered,
yet functional. Hayek Sr. was always an enigma