EDOX Chronoffshore-1 Collection

EDOX Chronoffshore-1 Collection

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With its original Chronoffshore-1 timepieces, Edox has created a highly accurate, reliable, rugged and stylish sports watch which matched perfectly the needs of champion offshore powerboat racer Pal Virik Nilsen. The Norwegian competes in a high-octane sport where split-second decision making is critical as he pilots powerboats at close to 200km/h. The sport puts man, machine – and watch – to the ultimate test, which is why the Chronoffshore-1 needed to be superbly engineered to meet Pal Virik Nilsen’s exacting demands.


The Jura-based Edox has released 15 stunning new timepieces in its Chronoffshore-1 collection. Packed with features and engineering smarts (ceramic bezels, solid stainless steel cases and rubber straps), the Chronoffshore-1 models include variants with mechanical and quartz movements. Several, with 45mm diameter cases, feature chronograph functionality. There are 43mm three-hand variants plus 38mm women’s models, but which pack just as much punch as those aimed at men.

Depending on the model, the Chronoffshore-1 timepieces are water-resistant to either 500m or 300m. Variants include a dazzling blue dial framed against a black/grey ceramic rotating bezel to an ice-cool all-white model on white rubber strap, a black-and-gold beauty with striking “honeycomb” patterned dial and much, much more.