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The environment-friendly Calibre H610 works on standard time radio-waves from multiple stations

There is something remarkable about Citizen’s Eco-Drive. True to its name, it keeps running anytime and anywhere, as long as there is light. The product is also environment friendly as it requires no battery change. In 2009, Citizen Watch Company Limited launched a new Eco- Drive radio-controlled model, Citizen’s Calibre H610, the Japanese watch manufacturer’s first analogue chronograph capable of receiving standard time radiowaves from multiple stations.

“These types of ‘friendly’ products are now becoming the commonly accepted choice around the world,” according to Tsuneo Nagai, president and CEO, Citizen Watch Company, as quoted on the company website.

Citizen’s Eco-Drive radio-controlled model continues to feature Citizen’s flight pilot’s watch design. For world time, users can choose from 26 cities and UTC. Simply turn the dial disk using the crown to switch the city. Doing this allows you to easily adjust the hour and second hands to the time zone of the city selected. As the watch comes with an ‘Eco-Drive’ platform, it keeps running on any kind of light. Other features include charge level indicator, power reserve indicator, and alarm.

The model is designed to receive standard time radio-waves from five stations including Germany, the U.S.A., Japan(east and west), and China. As a result, it offers accurate time in these major regions and countries: Europe, the U.S.A., Japan and China. The new Eco-Drive radio-controlled model is innovative and continues to feature Citizen’s flight pilot’s watch design. The pilot’s slide rule dial ring located beneath the glass and the precise 1/5 sec. chronograph symbolise the concept of an elaborate and masculine design that imparts the image of an airplane cockpit.

In fact, Citizen has successfully attained the goal made four years ago to reach 80 per cent sales of Citizen brand watches to be from Eco-Drive models by 2008, thanks to the concentration on Citizen’s feature, namely, Eco-Drive. Citizen has been in the constant pursuit to incorporate spectacular Eco-Drive functions in design that epitomise beauty, based on the product policy of ‘The Fusion of Technology and Beauty’.

The choice for an ‘always right’ (solar-powered, atomic time synchronised) dress watch has, up to now, been somewhat limited. But now Citizen has entered the stage with the Chrono-Time AT – the first watch using the new Citizen H610 Calibre.There are four models to choose from. The time zone selector is operated by the 3 o’clock crown.

The chronometer second hand is used as a general indicator for various things. It can also be used to set the daylight savings time adjustment for a particular time zone, to set the calendar manually, and indicate the alarm status.

Solar Eco-Drive is something that Citizen has been at for long. The specification says that it will work for eight months on a full charge, and up to four years when the watch drops into power saving mode.

The perpetual calendar works up to February 2100, but the watch can be set manually by using the second hand toindicate leap year, month, day, etc. The time can also be set manually, which is useful for a long trip to the Southern Hemisphere. The crown is used to set the time on the hour and minute hands while the second hand indicates ‘ON’. The circular slide rule can be used to perform aviation calculations such as flying time for a given speed and distance, fuel consumption rates, and flying times. The lume on the watch uses non-radioactive luminous paint.