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Italian Forecast Book has named Poonam as a world trendsetter in jewellery for the year 2009 – By Surekha Kadapa – Bose

Poonam Soni

Colours fascinate her. Symmetry doesn’t interest her. She prefers crude and unevenness. She is unlike any other jewellery designer in India.

“I am unique, my designs are unique and I am a 24- hours-thinking designer,’’ says Poonam Soni smiling confidently at her success for “having put Indian jewellery designers on the international market.’’

Seated in the well-decorated office at Poonam Soni’s gallery, designed by former filmstar Twinkle Khanna at Mumbai’s Altamount Road, the designer is highly excited about the positive response she has received for her new design collection, ‘Gaudi Revived’.

A diamond and coloured precious stones fan, the designer believes that her best collections have been those inspired by her visits abroad.

The Gaudi Revived is inspired by her visit to Barcelona (Spain) where architect Gaudi is a household name. It was her visit to Rome some years ago and her exposure to the architectural wonders and the frescos of the Sistine Chapel that moitivated her to design something on the same lines.

The play of unusual colours has made her team up with Indian artists like Laxman Shrestha for the collection ‘Monochromes’ that had jewellery with miniature canvas paintings of Shreshta. For the Gaudi Revived, she has teamed up with sculptor Arzan Khambatta who has advised her on the brickwork and architectural look of the jewellery to give those unusual ‘patinas’ and finishes. Artist Indraniel Kamath has hand-painted miniature stained glass to get the Gaudi effect.

“The mounting of stained glass is done technically to provide an allure of light coming through mosaic which has been created very painstakingly with precious gems and diamonds. And the ‘patinas’ were created by mixing four types of metals to get that exact brick-like appearance,” explains the veteran designer.

Italian Forecast Book has named Poonam as a world trendsetter in jewellery for the year 2009. Happily bubbling at her latest success, she announces, “I am the only Indian to get Spanish patronage and permission to use the Government of Spain seal on authenticity certificate which we will be issuing with every piece of jewellery of this collection.”