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Hiren Kumar Bose on the watch which though focuses on fragile beauty of the heavens brings forth four patented technical features

In this 44.6mm watch the De Bethune Manufacture’s craftsmen have used an artful combination of elements and materials to encapsulate in gold and glass a few drops of the essence of the skies.

Dexterous fingers having shaped its titanium mirror, an experienced eye brings forth its infinite chromatic richness. This unique blue oxide structure plays host to the captive stars. First, small white gold spheres set one by one by hand stand out from the deep sky blue. Then, their abundance is revealed under the fiery dart of the laser. Draped in a fine layer of pure gold leaf, they shine and sparkle, casting out subtle golden glints of colour. The steel case back of its mechanical body, polished to a mirror shine, celebrates a forgotten knowledge once reserved solely for the emperors of China.

The dial’s star-studded sky in blued and polished titanium with white gold stars pin joined by hand. The Milky Way pattern has been produced by micro laser striking gilded with 24 carats gold leafs. Finally, a blued steel and platinum spherical moon-phase stands guard majestically over this Elysium.

It has a self-regulating twin barrel (De Bethune Innovation, 2004), the silicon annular balance encircled by a white gold ring (De Bethune Patent, 2010), the “De Bethune” balance-spring with flat terminal curve ( De Bethune Patent, 2006); the silicon escape wheel spherical moon-phase indicator with precision of one lunar day every 122 years (De Bethune Patent 2004); and the triple pare-chute shock-absorbing system (De Bethune Patent, 2005).