Collar Job

Collar Job

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As these pieces are so magnificent, they suit best monochromatic attires. But there is no stopping bold women like Shabana Azmi, Deepti Naval, writers Shobhaa De, Dolly Thakore et al. Like them you too can match collar pieces with colourful attires, stripes, prints or other interesting patterns that are very trendy this fall. They look great on Indian silk saris, especially the broad simple bordered Kanjivaram saris.

Laksh Pahuja & Rosily Paul

Laksh Pahuja, Mumbai’s avant-garde jewellery designer known for unique, bold and audacious designs, opines, “At present women are globetrotting and everyone is willing to try out new things. So designers too should become more creative and exciting.’’

Ansaa by Anand Shah

For the recently concluded India International Jewellery Week (IIJW),  Pahuja designed a neckpiece based on  the life and art of modern India’s greatest artist MF Husain. His piece, hugging the neck of the model, has all the landmark signatures like bare feet, paint brushes, Hussain’s iconic horses, his white-bearded head sculpted in silver as motifs on the collar.

Bangalore-based jewellery designer, Pallavi Dudeja Foley, who has crowned beauty pageant queens and is known for her very different style of designing is about to launch her own line of collar jewellery. Talking about the latest trend in jewellery, she says, “These jewellery pieces close to the neck, bring the neck and face into focus. It also enhances the neckline, looks very sophisticated and chic. I find this trend beautiful because it is a link between fashion and jewellery.’’

Mahesh Notandas

That in fact is the beauty of collar neckpieces. You can find tribals from Zulu in Africa to our own tribals adorning themselves with collar jewellery for centuries now.

All of them certainly aren’t made of precious metals or gems. They just consist of simple colourful beads, wooden pieces, feathers, shells or anything else that highlights the beauty of the neckline.

Mumbai-based designer Farah Khan says, “Traditional jewellery with a twist of modernity is much in vogue. These pieces can be beautifully teamed up with  gowns, western outfits and saris.’’

Designers have experimented a lot with these collar pieces. Mumbai-based jewellery designer Anand Shah has gone one step further. He takes the golden collar from the left side of the neck and lifts and twists it around the right ear to dangle it tantalisingly on the right shoulder.

So, if you want to make a statement, look chic and trendy, go for collar neckpieces this coming season.


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