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Collar pieces in myriad shapes, from colourful peacocks to bare feet and paint brushes, make a forceful impact this season, says Surekha Kadapa-bose

Laksh Pahuja

When Nefertiti, the beautiful wife of Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaten who lived in ca.1370 BC-ca.1330 BC, decorated herself with colourful broad collar-shaped necklaces studded with precious gems hugging her slim long neck, she couldn’t have imagined that centuries later (2000 AD) her style of accessories would still be counted as popular and trendy s3 폴더 다운로드.

The trend in accessories this Fall (2011) and even 2012 is collar pieces. Not that collar pieces had ever gone out of fashion. They have always been around, but in the coming season they are going to make their presence felt in full swing outlook 그림 다운로드. So what if you’re not born with a long and slender neck, you too can sport a collar piece: for that’s  the flavour of the season. And you can do that in style because the designers out there are ready with it, be it in gold, silver or precious stones 배달의 민족 apk 다운로드. Besides famous Indian designers, well-known foreign brands like Lanvin, Isaac Mizrahi, Louis Vuitton and even Chanel are introducing collar pieces this season Finale 2016 download.

What distinguishes these pieces from others is that they are very simple, but yet make a perfect statement as far as power dressing goes. They don’t adhere to one definite style, which makes them fit into any budget 넷버스 1.7 다운로드. In fact at fun, young parties, a colourful, printed paper plate can be cut artfully from the centre to fit one’s collar and can be flaunted as a collar piece sql server 2000!

Designer Rosily Paul of Delhi, who has made a ritual of winning awards for her creativity in gold and diamonds, says, “Thanks to media and technology,  globally everyone gets connected km player. Awareness and exposure to the fashion world is spreading to all corners of earth. People look up to film stars and celebrities for style to emulate. And boundaries no more rule the world of fashion.’’

So what is popular in the West is popular even in the East windows 10 1803 update. The collar necklaces complete the whole look just by itself. Besides, as they come in so many different styles, they can be worn on any occasion. The brighter ones, made of precious and semi-precious gems, can be paired with a formal, strapless dress smaart. Collar jewellery made of sterling silver, leather, silk scarf look grand on your casual ‘jeans and T-shirt’.

Pallavi Foley’s award winning piece – 3 space-bead necklace


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