CITIZEN Urushi drop Watch

CITIZEN Urushi drop Watch

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Citizen Watches (India) Urushi drop watch from the brand’s Ambiluna collection for ladies is a finely handcrafted timepiece with sophistication and technological mastery flo 음악 다운로드. The watch features a unique bangle bracelet, and Urushi drop – an element of traditional Japanese Lacquerware.


Shunya Shoji, Managing Director, Citizen Watches (India) said, “The new Urushi drop watch from Citizen L Ambiluna collection is a true symbol of our brand ethos pspice 학생용 다운로드. This watch fuses craftsmanship with timeless elegance and contemporary design. Citizen has over the years increased its offering in the L Collection following a tremendous response to its unique look and features.”

The Citizen L Ambiluna collection includes a unique bangle bracelet modelBeing handcrafted means no two watches are identical, the colour, the lacquer finish differs from watch to watch.  The translucent sheen of Urushi drop and the moon gazed sapphire crystal exudes sophistication geometry dash lite 정식판 다운로드.

This model is an artistic blend of a timepiece and a bangle. It comes with a diamond drop positioned between the case and the Urushi drop adding strength to the piece, while also serving as an indicator for 12 o’clock Download Aooni 2 0 movies.

This Eco-Drive watch comes with a warning of insufficient charge and an overcharging prevention function.