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CEO of Roger Dubuis Matthias Schuler in a conversation with Mitrajit Bhattacharya speak about their three main product lines

Roger Dubuis is relatively unknown in India. What does it stand for?
There are three points I’d like to mention. First of all is exclusivity. All our watches are limited, and of the high-end watches, only 28 pieces are available globally. Secondly, on the design side, we are more contemporary than the rest. And thirdly, there is a unique combination; we have very high mechanical movement in there, so we have 100% Geneva Seal movements.

Last year, you came into India with your first product, Excalibur. Could you just take us through it?
Excalibur is technique to the maximum. So, in that line you find all the high-end complications. We think it is a powerful design. It’s for strong individuals. We are one of the few companies who were able to produce the Double Tourbillon in Platinum. It’s high-end, 100% Geneva Seal, has very masculine surfaces and strong dimensions.

And that is 45 mm, right?
Yes. It is 45 millimetres, mostly. We have 42 mm too. We have some for women and some unisex ones in 39 mm.

Approximately, what is the price point of the Double Tourbillon?
In Europe, it’s about € 200,000.

What about the other two lines, EasyDiver and KingSquare?
EasyDiver is a sporty line. It is an outdoor line and has lower precision. It starts at € 10,000 for automatic watches. The EasyDiver Tourbillon and Excalibur Skeleton Tourbillon are the ones which we have sold the maximum last year in terms of value. We sold 150 pieces each. Then, we have the KingSquare, which is more of an architectural piece. The case is a bit more innovative, as that’s where we also have more daring colours.

Is the innovation more at the dial level?
The case itself is more architectural.In the dials inside, we have played with colours. And we have used a new organic material, something which nobody uses in the market. It is used for the glasses too.

Is there any patent on this as far as you are concerned?
No. It’s the supplier who has the patent. We have innovated on it. You can see that it gives you a different reflection altogether. It’s not just one uniform colour.

If you look at this year’s launches, what are the key products that you would like to highlight?
Excalibur was launched in 2005. We decided that after five years we need to give it a new look. We need to strengthen the design and modernise it. And as part of that, we have decided to change the dial. We changed the language and the crown perfection. And within that collection, we have also launched two new movements. The first one is the micro-rotor automatic and the second is the butterfly calendar automatic bi-retrograde jumping date. On the high end of the Excalibur, we have the new Platinum Trilogy. The high-end collectors can buy the entire set of the Double Tourbillon, the Minute Repeater and the Bi-Retrograde Jumping Date.

But you also sell it individually,right?
Yes. We sell it individually also.

What sets aside the Roger Dubuis Manufacture from others?
We are one of the very few brands that have the competence to produce almost 100% of the movement in-house.

 So, in terms of the heart of the watch, you are actually setting benchmarks, as far as the luxury industry is concerned, right?
Yes. We are the only one producing 100% Geneva Seal today. This is a rather unique positioning. I think that this year would be tough for the suppliers. And some brands will have problems, as their suppliers are affected.