CEO Speak – Jean-Claude-Biver

CEO Speak – Jean-Claude-Biver

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Recession brought out the best in Hublot, turning it into one of their best seasons ever, CEO, Jean-Claude Biver, reveals in an open conversation with Mitrajit Bhattacharya

I would love to know whether it is the brand or is it the product that drives Hublot?
You cannot separate the two. Both are important. If you have a brand without any product, it has no use. Similarly, a product without a brand has no use 타인은 지옥이다 5회 다운로드. You need both. Marketing drives sales. But you also need substance, because substance creates value. And if you have both, marketing that drives sales, and substance that creates value, then you have a future. If you only drive sales with no substance or value, it is short-term. If you have only substance that creates value but nobody knows because of the lack of marketing, then you die even if you have the best product in your hands ps3 games. So, you really need both in equal proportions.

How did you fare during the difficult times of 2008-2009?
I wouldn’t call them difficult times. The crisis came across as a friend. I took advantage of it to gain market shares against my competitors who build walls to protect themselves. I believe in going further by investing in research and development, machines, production facilities, and new people 카티아 학생용 다운로드.

How did you fare across the globe?
When the entire Swiss watch industry loses 26 per cent in a price category in which you lose about 8 per cent, that means you have done substantially better than the rest. 2009 was the second best year in our history. For us, the last quarter of 2009 was the best quarter ever. We are only 30 years old, but it was nevertheless the best result in 30 years 온도계 무료 다운로드. January and February 2010 were the two best months ever for us.

If you have done well in the first quarter of 2010, then obviously it looks like you will do very well in the year. Is that your prediction as well?
I would say what has happened in 2009 is still continuing in 2010.

Alinghi has had such a long association with Audemars Piguet 아이피타임 다운로드. What made you sign up with them?
I am Swiss. I live in Switzerland and my company is Swiss. So whatever the Swiss are doing in the field of watches or high-tech, I am ready to support. When AP left, it gave me a better reason to invest. When they tell me, “You can come and take our seat, I say okay, thank you very much. I am unlikely to say, “No, I will stay outside in the rain” 틱택토 다운로드.

Can you take us through the King Power Alinghi 48 mm that you have launched recently?
The King Power Alinghi 48 mm is a watch where we have skeletonised the movement. We have opened the movement because boats are very open and minimalist. Also, we have used the same materials that are used in boats; rubber, Kevlar, ceramic, and titanium 멜론 6월 2주차 top100 다운로드. We have more or less the same colour too.

What was the reaction to it?
It was fantastic. We can only deliver 333 watches, but we got requests for nearly 3,000!

Could you tell us something about Big Bang Out of Africa?
We are quite close to the Swiss government and when we heard that they are supporting the African Wildlife Foundation (AWF), we entered the Chairman’s Club masterpiece picture. The Chairman’s Club is the biggest private supporter of this charity. The Swiss government provided national support; while we provided private support by doing this. Since we entered at the highest level, we got the rights to make a special watch with the logo of the AWF. We called it Big Bang Out of Africa.

Are you happy with your performance in India 리그 오브 타이탄 다운로드?
I am more than happy. We are probably the best brand in our price category and in our type of watches in India. It is probably one of our best markets in the world in terms of market share. In India, we are probably number one or number two. Of course, we will do more.

You have personally taken a lead in terms of representing the brand very closely in India Linus's Blanket.
Yes. I will come back again this year. I want permanent presence in India as it is an important market for us.