CEO Speak – François Thiébaud

CEO Speak – François Thiébaud

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Tissot President François Thiébaud, who is also the President of Swiss Exhibitors’ Committee, talks to Mitrajit Bhattacharya about his brand’s association with the Commonwealth Games and much more

Last 18 months has been quite bad for the luxury industry worldwide. How is the Basel Fair this year compared to last year?
It didn’t last 18 months; I would say 15 months. You know why? The economic crisis started to appear in the first semester of 2008 mainly in the US 안드로이드 5.1 롤리팝 다운로드. In Basel 2008, in an interview, I had predicted that if recession hit the US, we might be affected. But not many people thought so, since we have had three successful years, from 2006 to 2008, in the watch industry. There were a lot of back orders and people didn’t take this crisis into consideration. So, if you look at the Swiss watch export, it did very well until October 2008 extraterritorial rights. And then from November 2008 it declined heavily and continued to decline for the whole year of 2009. At the end of 2009, the Swiss watch export declined by 22.2 per cent vis-à-vis 2008. The Swiss watches were not affected compared to the others, due to the many back orders. They had a stock of 100 and were ordering 120 and 130 to be shipped overseas 아스달 연대기 1화 다운로드. What happened was that the stock accumulated and people did not order for many months because they were without cash flow. At Tissot, we communicated that for 2009 we had a decline of 8 per cent. But if you take into consideration the Swatch Group, we have around 20 per cent to 25 per cent of the Swiss watch export. If Swatch Group would not have declined by 8 per cent, certainly the rest of the watch industry would have declined by 35 per cent to 40 per cent or even more Gossip Girl Season 1. Only two companies did better in 2009 than 2008 and Tissot was one of them.

Have you been able to increase your average selling price as well or is it the number of pieces?
At Tissot we do not want to increase prices for two reasons; First of all, historically speaking, Tissot has always provided affordable products a고딕11 다운로드. And the second reason is that Tissot belongs to the Swatch Group pyramid that has a strong base of Swatch, then right in the middle you get Tissot, followed up by Longines, Rado, Omega, and Blancpain. And of course, this creates a relation between all of us. It’s good to stimulate but if I’ll increase my prices then I will affect Longines and so on and so forth 피터 래빗 다운로드.

One product that Tissot has been selling hard since the last five years is the T-Touch.
T-Touch is the flag of Tissot. We had launched the T-Touch 11 years ago and till today, worldwide, no such product exists in any form. We were the first to provide this technology on a watch and we have been followed by top companies. We were far ahead of all those to arrive at this technology 윈도우10 잠금화면 배경 다운로드. It has provided a lot of interest as it is not only easy to operate but also because it has accurate functions like compass, altimeter, and barometer; something that you cannot find in other products. And in terms of value, I must say, this line is number one but in terms of units it is number three. So, there is still some room for improvement.

What is the one product you want to highlight this year Monhend World pc?
We have one product for men and two for ladies, because we are polite. We have the latest ‘tactile’ product totally in silicon, which is very exclusive because this is a sailing watch that you can utilise when you go sailing with a countdown of five minutes and ten minutes, before the race starts.

Is this your first sailing watch?
Yes. There is a trend today for surfing. The surfers want to know about the tide, like when it’s up or down, and for that they can utilise this watch Giody. We have them for both ladies and men. The product is patented and the technology too is patented.

What’s the latest with Tissot as far as sports associations are concerned?
Until the last year we were associated with the International Ice Hockey World Championship, MotoGP, and cycling events like Cycling World Championship everest 무설치 다운로드. Now we have added some other international events like the Chinese Basketball Association, Australian Football League, and International Fencing World Championship. Since last year we have signed a contract with FIBA, which is the International Basketball Association. We will be at the World Championship Basketball in Tokyo this year like we were at the European Basketball Championship in Poland last year. On top of that we have national partnerships like with NASCAR in the US.

Are you associated with the Commonwealth Games as well?
In fact, we’ll be the timekeepers at the Commonwealth Games. We did the East Asian Games in December and we will now do the Commonwealth Games. Also, Tissot will be represented at Pan American Games. So you see, we have got lot of commitments. Then we have ambassadors like Danica Patrick who is an IndyCar driver and was the first lady in history to win an IndyCar race. Now she is also trying to race in the NASCAR. We’ll get Michael Owen, England soccer standout, and Nicky Hayden who used to be a World Champion in MotoGP and Thomas Luthi, the Swiss who also has been a World Champion.


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