CEO Speak – Fawaz Gruosi

CEO Speak – Fawaz Gruosi

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For de Grisogono it’s been about setting trends and being exclusive, says Fawaz Gruosi, Founder and President, de Grisogono, in an interview with Mitrajit Bhattacharya

What would you term as the main launch of the year?
It would be the de Grisogono Instrumento Grande Chrono. The Grande Chrono is a mixture of elegance and sportiness. The case is the same as that of the Grande, except that it is a little bigger 파일 노리 모바일 다운로드.

Why aren’t you exploring other colours besides brown, black and white, and other metals besides rose gold?
Rose gold has always been there, but was left behind because people thought it was old-fashioned. For many years, white gold and platinum were in vogue, followed by yellow gold. 10 years ago, my first watch was in pink gold and I fell in love with it fine print. The trend since the last four years shows that pink gold is highly preferred. We are consciously pushing a lot of pink gold in jewellery and watches.

Which is your bigger contribution – pink gold or black diamonds?
Historically, it has definitely been black diamonds, which enabled the company to make its mark worldwide. Even though we didn’t have enough money at that time to publicise worldwide, there was a lot written in the press about us due to
black diamonds 레이디 인 블랙 다운로드.

You were a trendsetter with that because you were the ones who popularised black diamonds.
Yes. However, we started popularising other stones too like the icy diamonds. We had black gold, brown gold, etc., which were not seen before. Taking risks was our strength. In our 10 years at Basel, I don’t know of any other brand which achieved worldwide recognition in 17 years and opened a shop a year in almost all countries 트랜스포머 4 다운로드.

You have been presenting futuristic models in the last five years. Which way are you headed with your own proprietary movement, because ETA movements might get difficult to source from next year?
We have already started working on a project to develop our own movement called DG, which is deGrisogono 1000 and it will be ready in a couple of years Nexus 5x. It will be the base of a motor and you can add models on top afterwards.

What are the new inspirations for jewellery this year?
We have no shortage of ideas in this company. I am accused by my clients of coming up with too many ideas. They do not know what to buy because they are confused!

You are a creator first and a business person later, right 너의 모든 것 다운로드?
I had to become a business person because we had 200 people working for us. We reduced this number in 2009. However, we still have a lot of people working for us and we also have 17 boutiques worldwide.

What’s the overall number of stores that you retail through?
That would be 25. And there is a reason behind it. How can one be in the ‘luxe business’ having 200 shops 삼성 프린터 다운로드? Maybe they forgot what it means; it means exclusivity and that translates to not being able to find it everywhere.

How would you differentiate a de Grisogono from a Van Cleef, Harry Winston, Cartier, and Chopard?
I would love to answer this one, but I don’t dare because then I’ll make a lot of enemies. Let’s just say that we are totally different Download by potato.

How and why?
Well, if you push, then I’ll have to answer. They have history that I don’t, and I don’t really care. What counts for me is today and tomorrow; the past is history. Some of these companies you mentioned were doing pieces of art, they were doing amazing things but it used to be Mr Van Cleef, Mr Arpels, Mr Winston, and Mr Cartier Download 7za exe. Today, you have a lot of financial people as CEOs. The soul of a jeweller and of a real watchmaker is not there anymore.

If I’m not mistaken, you mean to say that they are not as exclusive as you would like to be, because they cater to too many people.
No. I didn’t say that. It’s up to you to interpret. All the old companies have been sold to groups. Now those groups are in stock markets and there are shareholders who invest in those groups 알송 노래 다운로드. Shareholders want to make profit. So there, you can come to your own conclusion.

What’s your take on the Indian market?
There is a lot of talk about India, China, and Brazil; basically, the developing countries. I don’t disagree that these countries are coming up, although I think that they are moving too fast, especially China. Now everybody is after India. Every country was discovered at a certain time. You need a natural period of time to let the people accept you. Let’s not forget, India is one of the best countries in the world when it comes to jewellery. You have history, knowledge, and people.
Just because you have a big name, it doesn’t mean that you can come out in a country like India with a style that has got nothing to do with the Indian tastes or sensibilities. With time, people might change tastes. In India today, you have many magazines that are extremely open and international in their outlook, so the younger generation and even the older generation, may gradually adapt to a different sensibility.

So are you open to giving that kind of time to the Indian market?
Yes, of course.