CEO Speak – Cindy Livingston

CEO Speak – Cindy Livingston

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Gc is all set to expand globally, Cindy Livingston, President and CEO, Sequel AG (Worldwide distributor of Guess and Gc Watches), reiterates in an exclusive chat with Mitrajit Bhattacharya

How has Gc fared in the past 18 months, considering the going has been tough for the watch industry?
Our wholesale business around the world was up by about six per cent, while the retail business was up by about 16 per cent. I think Gc got the benefit vis-à-vis some higher-priced luxury brands, because we are known for smart luxury or attainable luxury products Phantom of the Opera.

Gc is completely a brand for the youth. Did you go through any changes with regards to product planning during these difficult months?
Actually, there is only one strategy that we implemented, which might be completely opposite of the market strategy. We created a precious category with diamond dials and diamond bezels at our kind of price points.

So what’s the price point?
We are concentrating on € 450 to €1,100 kind of price point 파워 디렉터 다운로드.

Are you planning to increase the production of automatic watches?
The biggest part of our business is quartz and we also do limited edition of mechanical pieces. Also, we do some higher-end Swiss-made movements for our boutiques. But the core is quartz.

Are you promoting your brands on any social networking site 나는 가수다 다운로드?
We are working on social networking and new media, but we are really not changing our strategy. We have taken a ‘Swiss-made quality’ type of product and applied our fashion mentality to that. When we do a fashion line like Guess, we deal with trend items and applications that are based on clothing, cars, iPod colours, and all things that would influence fashion 나의 사춘기 에게 다운로드. When we look at Gc, we take trends from the upper-end luxury watch market, and translate them down. They are two completely different attitudes. But when we translate those trends down, we don’t translate basic things that the industry is doing or high-end movements or those kinds of things. We take the fashion pieces of that, like Ceramic Black and Rose Gold or whatever trend line is really happening there, and then we move them into our price points Plantz vs Zombies Download.

What are the target groups of Guess and Gc, age-wise?
The Guess target consumers are about 16- to 24-year-olds; while the Gc brand moves up to maybe 22- to 35-year olds.

What’s exactly happening at the retail front as far as Gc is concerned?
Well, it’s very exciting. We’ve opened 20 boutiques around the world iPad Open Load.

Did you open all of them in 2009?
Yes, in 2009. We are opening a minimum of 10 more in 2010, and the goal is to have 50 in the next three years. The strategy is to have at least one or two Gc boutiques in every major city, so that our consumer can see the breadth of the brand.

What is the typical Gc boutique like 가을타나봐 다운로드?
It is about 40 square meters and has classifications of watches and a small amount of Gc jewellery. If you enter it, you would know that you are entering a luxury boutique.

What kind of locations are you talking about?
I’m talking about high-end street locations. We just opened one in the new upscale mall in London OneFun Man Opening Download. We’re opening one in Barcelona. We’ve opened two in India so far, and we have two more on the horizon. We have one in Seoul. We have one in Bangkok. We are opening one in Singapore.

Just from a commercial point of view, does the mono boutique format work as far as returns are concerned, considering high rentals 파이브 스타 스토리즈 다운로드?
To be very honest, some of the boutiques will make money, some will break even, and some will lose money, but it is all part of a marketing philosophy that is needed to set up headquarters located in every major city in the world.

Can you sum up Guess?
We’ve a lot of fun fashion stores through the fall season. We are doing a whole men’s M Series rollout where we would be exhibiting the men’s collection Download the car racing game. In the United States, 40 per cent of our business is accounted to by men’s. But overseas, when we launched years ago, people didn’t know what Guess was. They identified it as a female-oriented brand because of Guess girls. Now, we are going to focus on men’s, and if you go down to Manor Department Store here in Basel, down the street, we’ve just taken over all 13 windows and done a men’s launch. And actually, after the first six days of the launch, we are witnessing a sale of 40 per cent in men’s. We’re doing marketing events, advertising, and all kinds of things around our men’s product. It is still focused on young, sexy and adventurous guys.

Your basic target would be 60:40 women to men?
Yes, that’s the target we would like to have.

What kind of events are you looking at?
We are doing men’s lifestyle events that match the different categories of men’s products that we have. We have a brand new men’s display that is going to separate Guess men’s from Guess females’. We have new men’s packaging. We have new men’s advertising format, and we are doing an entire men’s package.