CASIO Denim Collection

CASIO Denim Collection

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Tough and rugged G-SHOCK and the BABY-G casual watch from Casio is now being offered in Denim’d Color designs. The availability of both G-SHOCK and BABY-G versions means that they can be matched into his-and-her pairs.

Speaking on the launch of the new Denim’d Color collection, Kulbhushan Seth – VP, Casio India said, “We at Casio feel that there’s one thing that never goes out of style, it’s Denim! Casio’s new range of Denim’d Color watches make for the ideal accessories to offset any outfit you put on. This season, our watch collection celebrates this contemporary-yet-timeless fabric.”

For curating the new collection, the original Casio technology was used to produce a box and bracelet design that is inspired by the casual fashion of jeans, making these accessory watches super funky! Casio’s original technology is also used to produce a pattern on the case and band that resembles the look of always popular, always fashionable denim.

The G-SHOCK line-up consists of the big case GA-700 with front button, the symmetrically designed GA-100, and the square face DW-5600, whose design is G-SHOCK to its core. The BABY-G models are the popular mannish design BA-110, and the popular square design BGD-500.


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