CARL F. BUCHERER, Gault Millau Select Bürgenstock Resort As Hotel Of The...

CARL F. BUCHERER, Gault Millau Select Bürgenstock Resort As Hotel Of The Year 2019

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The legendary Bürgenstock Resort Lake Lucerne was awarded Hotel of the Year award at a ceremony held recently. Each year, GaultMillau Switzerland and Swiss luxury watch manufacturer Carl F. Bucherer team up to present the award and this is the twelfth time that the Swiss luxury watch brand and the renowned gourmet guide, who share a long-standing partnership, have presented it.

(from left) Robert P. Herr, General Manager Buergenstock Resort, Bruno H. Schoepfer, Managing Director Buergenstock Selection, Sascha Moeri, CEO Carl F. Bucherer and Mike Wehrle, Culinary Director Buergenstock Resort

In honour of this special award, Carl F. Bucherer presented selected delicacies from the Spices Kitchen & Terrace, one of the resort’s restaurants, and luxurious timepieces in a series of artistic photographs.

The Spices Kitchen & Terrace, which serves up authentic Asian cuisine in the heart of Switzerland, is one of four restaurants at the Bürgenstock Resort that will be featured in the GaultMillau Guide 2019. Constructed as an impressive glass cube, the resort’s award-winning restaurant serves Far Eastern delicacies from its open show kitchen, and guests can take in the breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. In honour of this award, Carl F. Bucherer took inspiration from the culinary variety on offer at the resort and presented popular creations from the Spices Kitchen & Terrace together with selected timepieces in a series of photographs. Various models from the Swiss watch brand were joined by a range of different courses, including Indian, Thai, Japanese, and Chinese dishes, in these artistic compositions.

This harmonious blend of haute cuisine with haute horlogerie once again highlighted the shared values that unite Carl F. Bucherer and the Bürgenstock Resort Lake Lucerne – continuity, passion, independence, and perfection down to the very last detail.