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Amisha Khanna’s customised bridal jewellery is a result of extensive discussions with the client to ensure a personalised, classy collection By Neha Ved

Amisha Khanna

At an age when children fantasise what they would like to be when they grow up, Amisha Khanna already knew that she wanted to be a designer. “I always wanted to do something very creative. I really like jewellery and so I enrolled for a jewellery-designing course at SNDT University, Mumbai,” she says. However, it was hands-on training that helped her gain a foothold in the market. Today her bridal jewellery is the talk of the town.

“While I was at Notandas Jewellers, I was asked to design for a wedding in their family. That bridal collection was among my first designs and I have continued to do bridal wear since. It was that exposure that laid the foundation for me getting into bridal jewellery,” says Amisha. Amisha has since diversified into diamond jewellery as well and feels that pearls and coloured stones are her highlights.


Despite having an eponymous label – Amisha Khanna – she surprisingly has no store of her own. Amisha likes to interact with her clients and feels a store may result in her losing the personal touch. “Clients are welcome at my office and we have extensive sessions before finalising the jewellery. I retail my prĂȘt line of casual jewellery and imitation jewellery at boutiques but for the more precious stuff I always prefer customising after discussions,” she reveals.

A winner of many awards including the Most Unusual Design Of the Millennium Award at the De Beers Millennium Design Contest, she has always strived to infuse class in her design. She believes that her designs have an international and sophisticated look. “No matter what the budget, I will never give my customers something tacky,” she emphasises.

A firm believer in the adage of the sky being the limit, she now plans to expand her label by participating in exhibitions and having tie-ups with large companies as well. “With time and seasons, everything changes. My attempt is to be in sync with the times and create designs that are trendy.”


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