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Breitling has unveiled its new 360° #squadonamission advertising campaign, set to be launched soon. Earlier in the year, the brand created a buzz in the industry when it announced its squad initiative, featuring teams of globally celebrated professionals who are united by a shared passion, goal, or mission.
“We believe in the power of a team, the strength of a group, and the mutual identification of a common target, which ultimately leads to success,” said Breitling CEO Georges.

These unique squads come from different fields – including cinema, aviation, exploration, and sport – but the hand-picked squad members have something in common: they are the very best in the world at what they do. And while they have all achieved incredible acclaim for their individual accomplishments, they are united by their shared passion, profession, and commitment.
Over the course of the #squadonamission campaign, Breitling will be introducing yet more remarkable personalities. The first stage of the squad initiative will feature a 360° communication campaign including a full range of print, online, outdoor, points of sale, and broadcast advertising, as well as the comprehensive use of all the major social media channels around the world.

The members of the Breitling Jet Team Squad, which is set to get the campaign off to a dynamic start, have been outfitted with models from the Navitimer 8 collection, launched earlier in 2018. The Breitling Jet Team Squad was photographed at its base in Dijon; the Explorers Squad members were captured on film on the Lofoten Islands in Norway; and Charlize Theron, Brad Pitt, Adam Driver, and Chinese actor Daniel Wu, who will play a particularly important role in the campaigns in Asia, were shot by celebrated fashion photographer Peter Lindbergh in California.


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