Breathing Precision

Breathing Precision

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Flawless in design and execution, Time Mover Grande Precision is an expression of commitment to stylistic technical perfection. A WATCH WORLD special

  Words alone are not enough to describe the magic of mechanical watches and clocks – perhaps it is the fascination with precision, the operational reliability, the striking design where form accompanies function, or perhaps the beautiful illusion of commanding time itself… passionate lovers of fine timepieces soon find themselves lost in time when their gaze falls on a masterpiece of horological craftsmanship such as the Time Mover Grande Precision from the House of Buben & Zorweg.

The House of Buben & Zorweg delights lovers of fine timepieces with its masterpieces of craftsmanship, whose luxurious quality is defined by exquisite design, compelling innovation, and the very finest materials and workmanship. Buben & Zorweg is the world leader in beautifully handcrafted watch and jewellery cases and watch winders. Enjoyed by watch and jewellery lovers worldwide, Buben & Zorweg creations combine exquisite craftsmanship, the highest quality materials and un-mistakable passion for detail. The TIME MOVER watch winder collection for fine watches has been created in collaboration with ELMA, the renowned experts in watch winding technology. German technical expertise is a mark of reliability and quality. Each Buben & Zorweg watch winder is a veritable object d’art, evoking a contemplation of the spirit of time alongside the capabilities of modern technology.

To be more, much more than appearance alone would lead to believe is a trait this masterpiece shares with its owners. Sophisticated and elegant, the Time Mover Grande Precision is the perfect solution for storing a valuable collection of watches. It is the concentration of tried and tested Time Mover technology, appreciated by lovers of fine timepieces the world over, a meld of function, form and emotion.

Time Mover watch winders simulate the “watch on the wrist” as close to reality as possible – and more: precise adjustment to a watch’s specific properties creates the perfect individual ambience most suited to the character of each timepiece. Time Mover enables the precision mechanics of valuable watches to pass through the phases of tension and release for which they were designed.

The movement frequency Time Mover can be adjusted between 650, 800 and 900 revolutions every day. The rotational direction can be set to rotate clockwise, anti-clockwise or to change between the two. “Speed Winding” — continuous movement for the duration of one hour – can be used to load the watch with forced kinetic energy if required. “Sleep Phase’’ – a ten-hour rest period each day supports the tension release of the main spring and protects the winding mechanism against mechanical overload

The Time Mover Grande Precision is the ideal location for storing and presenting a collection of up to 48 precious wristwatches. Flawless in design and execution, this unique masterpiece from the House of Buben & Zorweg is an expression of commitment to stylistic and technical perfection. The mechanical workings of the Time Mover make use of precision ball-bearing drive motors made in Germany; they are especially quiet so as not to drown out the euphony of the movement’s mechanics. The instrument’s extremely long, trouble and maintenance-free life cycle is protected by warranty.

A precision, one-second pendulum clock calibre 1965 from the German clock manufacture Erwin Sattler is the eye-catching centre piece of the Time Mover Grande Precision. This clockwork takes the capabilities of precision mechanics to the utmost limits. Its Glashutte pendulum compensates changes in temperature, whilst variations in air pressure are equalised by a barometric instrument on the suspension rod. In conjunction with a painstakingly executed Graham escapement this superior chronometer achieves a mean rate variation of less than one to two seconds per month.

Precision pendulum clocks of this type were used by master clockmakers in the days before soulless atomic and quartz clocks to adjust their mechanical masterpieces. The passionate collector can relish the same experience today when he removes a valuable piece from the Time Mover Grande Precision, casting a glance at the pendulum clock’s regulator face to see that the watch winder has kept his wrist-watch “alive”. Complicated adjustments of time, calendar or moon phases are no longer necessary – the wristwatch is ready to wear or present to the knowledgeable beholder with all the facets of its functionality.

These striking horological mechanics pay reverence to time itself – just as the collector is endeavoured to preserve the valuable in condign surroundings. The House of Buben& Zorweg is committed to upholding these special values – powerfully innovative where perfect solutions are supported by the creative use of modern technology. And conscious of tradition wherever solid, workmanship, finest materials and compelling design coalesce to form exclusive masterpieces.