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Being Bold

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Hiren Kumar Bose talks to Eric Loth, CEO, Graham, about their offering for ladies, and the valuable Indian customer, as also the courageous character of their buyers

Eric Loth, CEO, Graham

What’s new on offer this year 넥스트 영화 다운로드?
We have something for the legendary drivers—the Chronofighter Oversize Superlight TT. Initially, it was very stiff and weight was an issue 유튜브 앞에 ss 다운로드. I told my engineers to have something lighter because my driver friends had been insisting and asking me, “Eric, can you make it lighter?” We went through different kinds of trialand- error processes 기묘한 가족 다운로드. The model contains motorsport design connotations and lightweight material to time with lap time functions. When the red minutes hand overlaps the yellow marker, the speed can be read on the scale in an instant 코리아영화 다운로드. The function emphasises intuitive and immediate reading. It’s easy to start and stop.

After launching sporty models like the Chronofighter and Silverstone, Graham has established its haute horlogerie bonafides with the new Geo.Graham the Moon limited edition model Download the color plate. Is this a flying tourbillon watch?
It’s a retrograde. We had to design special devices to keep it light. The multilevel blue dial of the watch is set with diamonds, which represent actual constellations as seen in the northern hemisphere. The moon has been hand-painted by local artists in La Chaux-de-Fonds. Being a retrograde style moon phase indicator, it has the moon moving back and forth as opposed to one continuous revolution on a disc bully 다운로드. Many thought this was a mistake on the part of the Manufacture, and we had to tell them it’s not so. The moon phase indicator is accurate to 122 years which means that you, your grandson as well as your great-grandson can wear it everyday 책읽어드립니다 다운로드. We also have Graham Chronofighter 1695 Erotic, a limited edition that features Graham’s classical chronograph dial under the crystal and intricate engravings of erotic art scenes on the case-back 고속 충전 다운로드. As the drawings are on  the case-back, no one is likely to see them until you show them. We are also launching our first skeletonised watch, the Silverstone Skeleton RS, which has three models, with red, green or blue highlights 돌바람 다운로드.

Any plans to introduce ladies’ watches?
Ladies are attracted to technical jewels and, over the years, they have been asking me to make such watches for them. So, this year, we are introducing our first ladies’ collection: the Graham Chronofighter 1695 Lady Moon 오즈의 마법사 영화 다운로드. Like our models for men, it is strong, has bold lines and sophisticated movements.

What are your plans for India?
We are doing well but don’t want to grow very fast. We have seven points-ofsales in India. We are introducing a special edition watch for India which addresses the half hour India time zone issue. Once you wear the watch, you will know what the time back home is, no matter where you are.

How do you identify a Graham customer?
A Graham customer is not a regular guy. If you’re a steady and stable person, you are better off not entering the Graham world. You need to be different and courageous to do so.