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Doing things differently is Laksh’s forte. Result: His designs take your breath away – By Surekha Kadapa – Bose

Laksh Pahuja

To say that Laksh Pahuja is a jewellery designer would be belittling his creativity. Can you imagine a woman walking with a golden, diamond-studded, and intrinsically crafted dragon weighing nearly 500gms around her neck, which actually breathes real fire?

“I have attached a small butane gas cylinder at the back of the dragon and the plastic tube is inserted in the mouth. Just as a cigarette lighter emits fire, the dragon also breathes fire, without harming the wearer,” says Laksh, showing off his award-winning design seated at his unassuming office in Mumbai’s Jhaveri Bazaar.

To add to the drama, he asked one of his friends to paint a canvas showing the two wings of a bat and attached them to the dragon. The previous year he had created an acrylic necklace held aloft by a diamond-studded octopus with two live fighter fish swimming in water in the acrylic portion! “You can even see a tiny scuba diver made of silver swimming along,” he says.

Laksh loves doing things differently. “The part of the body that the jewellery adorns can’t be changed—neck, waist, arms, wrists, ankles, etc. But there is no point in designing what our ancestors have worn for ages,’’ comments the designer who is a third generation jeweller and began working at his family showroom, Sobhraj Jewellers in Khar, Mumbai.

“When my karigars feel that they can’t incorporate some designs, I sit with them for hours, days and sometimes even months till I get what I desire. Before that I complete my research on my design, meet people, visit libraries to gather all the required information,” says Laksh, who also trained at the Gemological Institute of America, the Gemological Institute of India, and the Harrow College of Art, England.

His inspiration stems from nature: animals, flowers, birds, architecture etc. “There is so much to observe, learn and create from nature.”


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