Two Unique H. MOSER & CIE. Pieces To Be Auctioned

Two Unique H. MOSER & CIE. Pieces To Be Auctioned

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Two unique pieces of H 대성 skype 다운로드. Moser& Cie, their dial respectively designed by a school child in India and Sri Lanka will be auctioned at gala dinners in London and Zurich.


To create these two pieces, H Free visual studio 2019. Moser & Cie. asked for the imagination of children supported by Room to Read’s Literacy Program in India and Sri Lanka; these children made drawings which would then be hand-painted by an artist on the dials of these unique pieces 가시나 mp3 다운로드.


Room to Read is a global organisation founded on the belief that World Change Starts with Educated Children® and has benefitted more than 16.8 million children across 16 countries and 37,000 communities Forced download. H. Moser & Cie. and Room to Read share a common vision: education as the key to change, and as a lever which, by bringing all forces together, can lift up the world kyobo mungo ebook.


With the help of Room to Read, the Manufacture asked two classes of young students receiving educational support from Room to Read, in India and Sri Lanka, to give free rein to their imagination and to create a drawing 조제학 다운로드. Two illustrations stood out, those drawn by Arif and Kasun. They were chosen both for their beautiful use of colour and the style of their designs. Arif and Kasun put the same level of efforts into their artwork as they do in their daily life, in and out of school Internet Explorer 11.


Arif lives in Mumbai, India, where he has to walk several kilometres to school dslang.dll 다운로드. His father sells fruits for a living; Arif would like to become a police officer. As for Kasun, from Sri Lanka, whose father is a farmer, travels to school by moped every day Infinity War high definition. This young boy dreams of becoming a doctor. Both children were delighted and proud that their drawings were chosen to feature on the dials of the two unique pieces to benefit more deserving children through education 블루소프트 타자연습 다운로드.


H. Moser & Cie. asked an artist to reproduce the drawings by hand on the dials of its models. Using tiny brushes, this artist put all his heart and all his expertise into recreating the children’s artwork as faithfully as possible, mirroring both their bold use of colour and their designs. Overall, he spent two days working on the dial by Kasun and three days on the one designed by Arif. Both models will be auctioned in aid of the organisation. 


The two unique pieces, both Endeavour Centre Seconds Automatic models, will be on show at the gala dinners organised by Room to Read in London on October 3rd, and in Zurich on November 9th. Guests at the event will have the opportunity to bid for the pieces featuring Kasun’s design in London and Arif’s design in Zurich. Alongside H. Moser & Cie.’s commitment, Room to Read will dedicate a Sri Lankan children’s book and a library in India to the respective winners of the unique timepieces. The Manufacture wishes that the amount raised through auctioning these timepieces will help provide additional support for Room to Read and disadvantaged children around the world.