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Concord’s artworks are bespoke creations that communicate the message and design of its products. Hiren Kumar Bose 

City of Time New York by Serena Zanello

Distinction and character have been the hallmark of Concord watches ever since two young Swiss craftsmen at the beginning of the 20th century began their mission to create watches of beautifully thin proportion. The designers of Concord Watches are renowned for pioneering the world’s thinnest watch with the creation of the Concord watch, Delirium, in 1979.

Their latest, C1 Quantum Gravity, unveiled at Basel World ’09 gives time a space that befits its true nature, free of all constraints and ties.

At the forefront of innovation in watch designing, Concord now offers the possibility of decorating living and working spaces with artworks that communicate the message and design of its products through the language of art: product art.

Concord C1 gravity tourbilon







With Concord Official Art Collection, the Biel-based Watch Manufacturer recognises the intimate link between product design, mechanical watchmaking culture and graphic art.

Concord artworks are contemporary fine art giclée prints,reproduced on museum quality media. The collection is based on Concord product lines and features four collections:C1 Art, C1 Jewellery Art, Clab Art and Concord Art. Each collection defines the corresponding products through a variety of artistic styles. Art and interior design enthusiasts can purchase a particular artwork online by choosing three different media of reproduction: canvas, art paper and Plexiglas. They can also choose the size in which to receive their artwork to perfectly fit their environment. Each artwork is a bespoke creation, tailored to individual needs.

Concord artworks are realised in open, limited or unique editions. All artworks are accompanied by a watermarked certificate of authenticity – with a holographic seal both on the certificate and the artwork – guaranteeing their originality and collector value.


Diamonds by Chiara Gasparetto

All subjects are original creations, uniquely available through Concord Official Fine Art is an innovative art venture between Concord and Cultwork. Cultwork is a leading online art-on-demand boutique operator and a unique worldwide graphic artists’ network which creates and produces artworks exclusively dedicated to aficionados of legendary products, in collaboration with iconic brands.

Cases by Luca Imerito

The artists who have created the first Concord Official Art Collection are: Ottavio Di Chio, Chiara Gasparetto, Luca Imerito, Francesco ‘Matt’ Mattina, Serena Zanello and Emanuele Zaniboni.

Concord artworks are registered in the Concord official fine art owners’ registry. The registry keeps a record of all sold artworks and their first owners. One can obtain information regarding the authenticity of a specific artwork by contacting
Moreover, Concord encourages photographers to submit their images inspired by Concord timepieces. You can upload your image on the Your Concord Art page and it will be directly submitted to the Concord Art Lab Team. The Concord Art Lab Team will judge the ‘Concordness’ of your work and might approve it for printing.

If the Concord Art Lab Team feels your image is of outstanding artistic value and communicates the values of Concord in a truly unique way, it will give you the opportunity to offer your subject for sale on, resulting in you becoming an official Concord artist. This also makes your subject available for viewing and purchase by Concord aficionado