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A world first

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The revolutionary Excalibur Quatuor replaces the hitherto quintessential tourbillon with a revolutionary movement with four sprung balances

Watchmakers have always tried to battle the effects of gravity on a timepiece’s balance assembly 캐논 코리아 다운로드. The well-known tourbillon has, till date, been the de facto solution to this problem, and we’ve seen multi-axis tourbillons, flying tourbillons, and double tourbillons 현대카드 로고 다운로드. At SIHH this year, Roger Dubuis, the avant-garde Geneva watch brand, has introduced an effective alternative to the tourbillon, and it’s a world first—a watch movement with four sprung balances 재정국어 다운로드.

Excalibur Quatuor Silicium

In the past, Roger Dubuis had amazed us with the classiest watches, such as the Hommage Perpetual Dual Time and the very luxurious Velvet watch collection Download ai file viewer. The German watchmaker is honouring his classic design Excalibur this time around, with the Excalibur Quatuor watch.

Since its foundation in 1995, Roger Dubuis has represented an irresistible blend of character and expertise in the world of fine watchmaking Download the capernaum subtitles. Its powerful, vibrant collections have challenged the traditional concepts of excellence, reliability and precision. One of them is the Excalibur line, launched in 2005 and now enhanced with a host of new features, which was highlighted at this SIHH 사내 mp3 다운로드. The models in 45mm, 42mm and 36mm are remarkable from several points of view: technical expertise, artistic expression and respect for tradition.

In 2005, Roger Dubuis launched Excalibur: a line that has written some of the most beautiful pages in the history of horology 카카오톡 효과음 다운로드. Its dynamic forms, sharp angles and the sheer power of its designs have reshaped fine watchmaking. This year, the brand honours this iconic collection with some exceptional creations inspired by the world of the warrior, the legendary figure of a time when courage and honour were the supreme values Unicode download.

One of the most advanced timepieces, this watch is made after five years of research and development. Set in the Roger Dubuis Excalibur case, this beautiful, yet mechanically complex, watch features four accurately positioned balance wheels one in each quadrant of the watch, each mounted at 45-degrees Freddy's Pizzeria1.

Excalibur Quatuor in pink gold

Called the Quatuor and introduced in the company’s Excalibur case, the movement’s balances are paired, two and two, and positioned at 90-degree angles to one another, linked by differentials Environment Special. Each balance operates at 4Hz, adding up to 16 oscillations per second. By distributing the effects of gravity across the four balances, these effects are negated, thus resulting in a more consistent timekeeping rate. All the technical detail aside, the movement is quite stunning to behold.

It is a world of chivalry where duels are a display of strength, where combat has certain nobility, and where a mastery of technique and precisely-wielded power are essential. Roger Dubuis has captured the essence of this era in its new 2013 collection. Excalibur also evokes the symbolism of the Round Table, the quest for the Holy Grail and the defence of a glorious kingdom where a man had the power to choose his destiny. The Geneva watchmaker has re-read the key chapters of its own history and has seized this opportunity to write some more with the new Excalibur Quatuor.

The line launched in 2005 includes some unique pieces, some legendary watches. The new models excite the senses, reminds that it is the daring and passion which drive everything at Roger Dubuis. These prestigious creations excite the world of fine watchmaking with their refinement of centuriesold arts, their expertise in complications, their virtuosity in design and the magic of their gemsetting. Some 250 specialists in more than 20 watchmaking crafts continue to write the legend of Excalibur, and the innovations of 2013 will open new horizons for the watchmaker, ensuring that its daring and expertise are made known throughout the world.

The watch comes in two variations: Excalibur Quatuor in Silicon, limited to three pieces; and Excalibur Quatuor in pink gold with 88 pieces.


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