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The fall-winter 2009 collection is truely Swatch, with its fashionable individuality all but intact. 

Trendy, upmarket and stylish, that’s how one would define the Swatch fall-winter 2009 collection, which is vibrant to the core. A strong dash of colour and character makes this collection mesmerising and appealing at the same time.

Reflecting the latest style and haute couture elegance, each of the five collections stands out with its individuality and style statement. Über cool, the latest models are bound to appeal to the style-conscious across continents.

Jungle Hearts collection is supposed to set the hearts of modern, sophisticated women racing. It’s a tribute to women who are extravagant and extroverted in their day-to-day activities. With an abiding interest in art, the modern woman loves to explore emerging trends around the world. With opulence and luxury being second nature, her eye for evocative details guides her to perfect choices in fashion and accessories. The colours of the collection bring out the colourful side of her personality.

Cuddle-Crafts comprises a collection set to appeal to the child in you. It’s for the ultimate child woman who wishes to fill her life with cute and cuddly things.

The watch collection is bound to be her warm and fuzzy hideaway from the rough and tumble of the world outside.

The highlight of the Edge of Adventure Collection is its Scandinavian sense of design. It complements those who love to live life on the edge and look around for a sense of adventure in everything. The watches find beauty in clean and simple lines that cut shape and form from the sky and snow. Exceptional, they create a new identity from minimalist aesthetics.

Master Class is for those who are leaders in their own right and seek to chart their own path. A man of vision and endless drive, the owner of a Master Class combines his awareness of ecology with a love of functional luxury. He enjoys both the retro-chic beauty of hand-made objects and the streamlined craftsmanship of a new industrial style.

Young, urbane, street smart and cool, Streetpainters is for those among us who value non-conformity. Adhering to the code and culture of the street, which is very individual, this collection is rich with graffiti, stickers, tags and stencils that define a liberated soul. The streetpainter draws from as wide-ranging sources as comic books to colourful masks. The result is a colourful collection, which is young and hep at heart.