A Long Journey

A Long Journey

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A man in a woman’s world, Pradeep Jethani is probably the most experienced and technically perfect jeweller today¬†By Neha Ved

Pradeep Jethani

A name to reckon with in the jewellery business, Pradeep Jethani takes pride in the fact that he is technically one of the most perfect jewellers today. A family jeweller for many, his 27-year journey has been a very satisfying one. The contentment is palpable when he says, “I’ve never been lured by the concept of branding. I’ve a loyal clientele surpassing generations and I know my market value. In our country where jewellery doubles up to being an investment along with ornamentation, the classical style and traditional jewellers are here to stay.”

Apart from the fact that his jewellery is technically perfect, what lures customers to his boutique, Jet Gems (JG) are the myriad shapes in which he designs them. The colour schemes of the design complement the varied stones used and for those who like pearls it becomes the ultimate destination. A place where no walk-ins are encouraged, the boutique has often been the trial room to many top notch socialites and film stars as it gives them the liberty to coordinate their outfit and jewellery then and there.

Pradeep surprises you when he says that he has had no formal training in jewellery design and has survived solely by observation and knowledge gained by visiting manufacturing units across the world. After reaching such heights one would expect him to slow down and reap the fruits of his labour, but he shocks you even more by saying, “I believe there are two kinds of people on Earth – those who buy my jewellery and those who are going to buy my jewellery. And there are many who are yet to buy my jewellery.” With an optimism like this, it is no surprise that he feels he still has a long way to go.


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