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A pair of earrings from the Crazy Flower suite

It is elegant and floral , a work of art, it exudes refined opulence in its every expression with  a name of befitting its persona – Crazzy Flower

A pendant from the Crazy Flower suite

Breguet’s Crazy Flower collection is likely to make one crazy, thanks to its beauty and craftsmanship 별의 노래 다운로드. The most splendid highlight in the collection is the Crazy Flower watch, a truly exceptional achievement with over 36 carats of diamonds glimmering in wondrously fine settings www drama. Named so, I feel, because the white gold case is mostly hidden under a ‘floral’ pattern of many diamonds – the three outer layers are large baguette-cut stones, while smaller stones decorate the face in more detail 블랙머니 다운로드. The dial itself is egg-shaped like the classic Raine de Naples ladies watches from the brand. The piece has over 36 carats of diamonds on it – with close to 300 stones 토마스와 친구들 다운로드. It features just the time on small blued steel pomme style hands. The strap is black satin fabric. The piece is elegant, but showy.

Once again, Breguet High Jewellery displays stunning boldness in the design of contemporary gem-set pieces Popcopang apk download. Breguet presents Crazy Flower, wedding the pure beauty of diamonds to the technical daring of a mobile setting. The precious stones’ brilliance has been magnified to the most by those quintessential, springy settings, swaying gracefully in response to the Crazy Flower’s heart, a calibre 586 self-winding mechanical movement orbit or beat.

Asymmetrical rows of baguette-cut diamonds have been mounted on minimalist settings affixed to the watch case from the middle section up to the bezel 안랩 v3 다운로드.

Crazy Flower Watch
A ring featuring a blooming-flower motif from the Crazy Flower suite

 These supple, springy settings make the most of the stones’ brilliance, swaying gracefully in response to movement mp3gain 다운로드. 116
baguette-cut diamonds will thus oscillate back and forth in a graceful and subtle dance reminiscent of wind-ruffled petals. For its part, the dial comprises 206 brilliant-cut diamonds ‘inverse-set’ on a concave face rimmed by a flange set with a further 66 brilliant-cut stones and enhanced with an hour circle composed of 20 baguette-cut stones ipad 영화 다운로드.

  Breguet’s Haute Joaillerie workshop once again proves the brand’s singular expertise in diamonds craftsmanship by presenting the Crazy Flower Haute Jewellery collection 윈도우7 다운로드. These contemporary gem-set pieces exude stunning boldness in the daring design, combining the technical innovation of a mobile setting with the pure beauty of scintillating diamonds. Apart from this admirable timepiece, the Crazy Flower suite is composed of a ring featuring a blooming-flower motif along with ear pendants and motifs also displaying mobile diamond clusters.