217 QRS’ Escapement Makes It Special

217 QRS’ Escapement Makes It Special

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Voutilainen’s 217 QRS Retrograde has been pre-selected by the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève for its 2018 edition award under the men’s category.  Kari Voutilainen, Artisan d’Horlogerie d’Art in a brief chat with takes Hiren Kumar Bose through the watch’s unique features

Kari Voutilainen
Kari Voutilainen

Take us through the features which make the watch unique?
Our watches are made in very limited quantities. This model is a limited series of 30 watches in total, 10 in each in white gold, rose gold and platinum. We literally fabricate our movements, dials and even cases in our workshop. This date mechanism is very easy to set up and collector-friendly. Just push the crown down and the date jumps ahead with slow motion.

Voutilainen’s 217 QRS

217 QRS’ Retrograde date mechanism integrated into the main plate works surely avoiding bouncing, as is usually the case, once arriving on the first day. How was the feat achieved?
We have made special mechanism and gear train to slow down the action.
Endowed with a remarkable architecture and a first watch to have two escapement wheels thus making it extremely efficient and requires less energy than traditional lever escapements. It also offers benefits in terms of longevity and stability in day-to-day use. Please comment.
This escapement is very efficient, but it is not sensible for the oiling. It doesn’t have that sliding action between escapement wheel teeth and impulse jewel as it is the case in Swiss lever escapement. This action has to be oiled and the viscosity makes the change of the rate. In our case, escapement wheel teeth are pushing the impulse jewel-roller. It is the same action as we have on chronometer escapement.


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