1755 – 2005 Vacheron Constantin Celebrating a quarter of a millennium

1755 – 2005 Vacheron Constantin Celebrating a quarter of a millennium

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The world’s oldest watch Manufacture has enjoyed uninterrupted activity since its founding in 1755 and now celebrates its 250th anniversary.

It was in 1755 that a brilliant master-watchmaker named Jean-Marc Vacheron opened his workshop in the heart of Geneva. An open-minded and scholarly individual, he soon began making exceptionally fine fashioned watches that were to earn a reputation around the world. He was to transmit his talent, his knowledge and his sense of excellence to numerous generations of his descendents.

Then in 1819, a seasoned businessman and a peerless salesman, François Constantin joined forces with the heirs of Jean-Marc Vacheron. He travelled the length and breadth of Europe, opening up numerous markets to the marvels of ingenuity emerging from the workshops of Vacheron et Constantin.

(l-r)1755-silver watch signed by young watchmaker Geneva Jean-Marc Vecheron,1812-hour & quarter reapeter watch,1831-pocket watch with elaborately decorated case

In 1839, the history of watchmaking and that of the company were marked by the hiring of a brilliant technical director, Georges-Auguste Leschot. This inventive, visionary engineer developed and produced the first machines enabling series production of movement components, and in particular a device called the pantograph. Thus, Vacheron Constantin revolutionised production enabling a considerable acceleration in the marketing of watch products.

Today as yesterday, creations by Vacheron Constantin stem from the encounter of three key factors:

Technique: Vacheron Constantin combines age-old know-how and ultra-modern equipment to produce ever more sophisticated timepieces. The brand thus offers an entire range of movements, from the simplest – indicating the hour, minutes and seconds, to the most complex – such as the perpetual calendars, chro- nographs, moon-phase or jumping-hour models and tourbillons, and on to extremely clever minute repeaters. Today, 85% of its watches are equipped with a mechanical movement.

Aesthetics: As the world’s oldest watch Manufacture, Vacheron Constantin has never stopped creating and innovating. It creates watches with exemplary lines and volumes, in harmony with the most authentic contemporary spirit. Down through changing eras, the shapes and decorative motifs are consistently aimed at achieving a universal, timelessly refined aesthetic appeal that is never ostentatious.

Finishing: The finishing testifies to the efforts expended on technical and aesthetic levels to give exceptional value to each watch emerging from the workshops. It is the care devoted to each detail that makes a Vacheron Constantin so clearly recognisable to connoisseurs.

(l-r)1906-pocket watch,1914-ladies wristwatch

To commemorate its 250th anniversary how does this master watch Manufacture celebrate the exceptional anniversary as it deserves? The answer, obvious for Vacheron Constantin, is by launching a commemorative collection of five exceptional creations. These dazzling timepieces express, sum up and illustrate 250 years of know-how, technical mastery and fertile creativity. This unique collection of creations is issued in a limited, numbered series. It will never be reproduced beyond the commemorative year.